SC milling cutters.
Our Expert for steel processing.

Demands on steel milling cutters are constantly changing. Countless steel alloys have established themselves on the market over the last decades. We regularly adapt our cutting tools to the new alloys to ensure efficient results.

Chip Spaces

Perfectly designed chip spaces ensure safe chip disposal without accumulation of chips, achieving higher feed rates.

Helical pitch

Variable helical pitch for an extremely soft cut.


Special unequal tooth pitch and edge preparation for maximum smooth running.

Corner Radius

Reinforced to avoid premature breakouts.


Adapted for reliable ramping and helical immersion.Adapted for reliable ramping and helical immersion.


New generation of layers especially for the requirements of steel cutting.

Hofmann & Vratny - SC milling cutters


The H&V Expert steel range has been specially designed and developed to meet the requirements of steel cutting. These milling cutters provide an excellent interaction of carbide, coating, dynamic helical pitch and an unequal tooth pitch. Soft cut and smooth running in all applications provide optimal performance. Efficiency in machining with the very best performance is a balance that is difficult to master. But with our Expert steel milling cutters we achieve a perfect equilibrium between those two.


steel processing


Cutting performance with maximum material removal

We offer milling cutters for almost every steel available on the market, including unalloyed, low-alloyed, high-alloyed and powder metallurgical steels. In this area, our threeline product range offers the best cutter for every application and budget.

Hofmann & Vratny - Manufactoring process

successful for 44 years.
Our manufactoring process.

The production of our milling cutters follows a tried and tested process to ensure that every single cutter meets our requirements.

Hofmann & Vratny - Regional focus

Made in Bavaria

Our milling cutters are used by companies all over the world. Still they all have the same origin: Our production sites in Bavaria, Germany.

As a traditional company, we are proud of our strong connection to the region. Ever since we were founded, we have been firmly tied to our homeland, and our team works on producing the best milling cutters in the world in a familial environment. Genuine quality work, the highest-quality craftsmanship and a strong promotion and retention of our talent: This is what Made in Bavaria means to us.

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