Shaping tomorrow
We are Hofmann & Vratny.

Everything we do is driven by trust and a constant hunger for change. That’s what makes us stand out as a company. We do everything we can to surpass our own quality standards every day and to make worldwide innovation happen. That is our ambition. As a team.

For us, shaping the future means taking responsibility.

Andreas Vratny, Managing Partner

Our milling cutters have been enabling companies from all over the world to manufacture their products for more than 40 years. We want to actively shape the future of the industry and make our products – as well as those of our customers – even better. We do this with genuine innovation, our culture of cooperation, an open approach on an equal footing and successful and trusting working relationships with our business partners.

Hofmann & Vratny - who we are

The people behind H&V.
Who we are.

As a strong team, we rely on the skills and expertise of each and every one of us. We are there for each other, working together towards our goal of growing further every day.

What sets us apart as a team is openness and the passion to innovate. Every one of us contributes their own ideas every day, helping to shape our teamwork. This makes us all proud of our performance as a team.

hofmann & Vratny - Social Commitment

The future at a glance.
Our commitment.

It is particularly important to us to take responsibility as a company. That is why we actively contribute to social commitment, local clubs and, last but not least, to the environment.

Environmental protection

We take particular care to use resources responsibly, to work in an energy-efficient way and to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible.

Social institutions

We are very appreciative of those people in the many social institutions working day in, day out for their community. We therefore regularly support institutions such as youth welfare associations or the volunteer fire department in our area.

Local clubs

We feel deeply connected to our Bavarian homeland and many of our employees work in local clubs alongside their job with us. Supporting regional clubs is therefore a matter of honor for us.

Hofmann & Vratny - Leadership

The right contact person.
Our management team.

Hofmann & vratny - values

Shaping tomorrow together.
Our values.


We believe that fair treatment and respectful cooperation should be an absolute given – not only within our company. Our business partners can always take us at our word.


Our goal is to shape the future of the industry. That is why we constantly challenge the status quo and break new ground to move the entire industry forward.


Each of our milling cutters leaves our factory in pristine quality – we give our all to ensure this. We make sure that our customers can always rely on our milling cutters.

Regional focus

We are deeply rooted in our Bavarian homeland. We are aware of our social responsibility both as a company and employer, and therefore support regional associations and institutions.

An extended family

Friendly and respectful interaction with each other are the hallmarks of our team. We always work towards our common goal of growing further every day.


We are very proud of our long history. Our many years of experience mean that we are familiar with and able to meet the high quality standards of a wide range of industries.

Hofmann & Vratny - Our mission

Our goal is to make the world’s best milling cutters.

But, first and foremost, we know that we can only achieve this goal with the best employees. We trust in the expertise and passion of every one of us. We put our heart and soul into ensuring that everyone feels comfortable working here. People come first, then the product.

hofmann & vratny - about hofmann & vratny

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